About Barnet EBP

Welcome to Barnet Education Business Partnership “linking business to education”

Who are we?

Barnet EBP is a company limited by guarantee and a charitable trust with over 22 years of experience of developing links between schools and employers.

The team is made up of Work Related Learning Project Managers and Work Experience Coordinators, led by a Board of Directors comprising representatives from the education and business communities.

Barnet EBP is a member of the Education Business Partnership National network (EBPn) and as an accredited organisation is your guarantee of quality.

What is our remit?

Our remit is to support work related learning and enterprise education through the delivery of education-business activities which develop young people’s understanding of the world of work whilst enhancing their employability skills.

These activities are delivered with and through the business community with whom we have a significant relationship. Links between education and business are vital in that they can bring a reality and genuine knowledge and understanding in a way that any classroom exercise cannot.

Why use Barnet EBP?

    • Barnet EBP has an excellent reputation for linking schools with the business community.
    • Our experienced team has developed a wealth of local knowledge and high levels of expertise.
    • We have an enviable track record of delivering a wide range of successful, high quality work related learning and enterprise activities. During 2015-16 our ratio of business volunteers to students continues to be 1:8, a figure much admired by neighbouring EBPs and alternative providers of work related learning.
    • Barnet EBP has considerable expertise in working with young people who are at risk of becoming NEET and those for whom the traditional curriculum is inappropriate
    • Barnet EBP acts as a broker to both employers and schools/learners by facilitating access to each other