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Presentation Matters Testimonial

Zara Montagu-Leon - Director, Bitter and Twisted


How did you get involved with volunteering for Barnet EBP?

I was introduced to Barnet EBP by a very good friend who had just started working there.

What programme did you volunteer on?

I was asked to jump in at the last minute to help out on a Presentation Skills workshop when they were a bit shorthanded. I wasn't at all sure what to expect but everyone at the school and the course were very friendly and supportive.

Was it what you expected?

The Barnet EBP team had all my questions covered and some really helpful tips on how to deal with the teams we would be working with. The best bit about the day was seeing all the students changing from being nervous when speaking in front of an audience to actually really enjoying it and then confidently speaking in front of their entire year - all in the space of a morning.

What was your most memorable moment about the day and why?

It really makes you proud to know that you're having a positive impact on these young peoples lives. To help them become confident and productive members of society. On the whole, the young people are enormously good fun, full of energy, ideas and very eager to learn.

What would you say to encourage/inspire someone who's not quite sure if they would like to volunteer?

I would recommend this project to any other potential volunteer - it's a fulfilling experience and very enjoyable. I didn't stop smiling once - they were all delightful and very grateful for your insights, experience and knowledge.

Would you volunteer again and why?

There really isn't much preparation involved - just bring along your experience and enthusiasm - you'll love it.


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