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Making the Most of your Work Experience Testimonial

Michelle Stark – Health and Safety Manager, Barnet Primary Care Trust

How did you get involved with volunteering for Barnet EBP?

I got involved in volunteering for Barnet EBP, by my line manager who told me about the event.

What programme did you volunteer on?

I was involved in the pre-work experience day first, and enjoyed the experience with the young people so much I put myself forward for everything and anything. I did the Interview Skills also as well as another pre-work experience day!

Was it what you expected?

I did not know what to expect, as initially I had not volunteered and was asked to attend one of the sessions if I could. However, I must admit I was very pleasantly surprised by the mature, enthusiastic attitude of the young people I met, who made me feel very welcome and who seemed genuinely appreciative of my attendance.

What was your most memorable moment about the day and why?

My most memorable experience of all the days, had to be attending London Academy. I had a group of young people, one of them whom didn't appear to want to cooperate initially. Tthis particular student although not co-operative at first spoke to me and turned out to be the main person who participated. He even was told he had to leave the session for coursework, and asked me if I could speak to one of the teachers as he really enjoyed the session to see if he could stay, and also said if he was allowed would I let him come back. It made me feel as though I made a difference - even the other students could not believe the way he had participated in the session.

What would you say to encourage/inspire someone who's not quite sure if they would like to volunteer?

I would say to other volunteers that I found the whole experience very rewarding and I learnt a lot. If you speak to the students on a work basis level and in the role you have gone into, the students really appreciate the time you are giving them.

Would you volunteer again and why?

I did quite a few sessions in different schools and met lots of different types of young people, and all of them treated me with respect and appreciation - and I enjoyed every moment.



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