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Conflict Resolution

Learning Outcomes

Students will develop an awareness of, and/or skills in:

  • understanding the importance to employers of the right attitudes to have in the workplace

Additional Outcomes

Students will develop an awareness of, and/or skills in:

  • recognising the elements of a conflict situation
  • understanding how their own behaviour contributes to a developing conflict
  • strategies to avoid/deal with conflict
  • appreciating the necessity for society's rules


Description of activity

Key Stage 3: theatre group delivers forum theatre where students are encouraged to change the outcome of the conflict situation developing in front of them

consultants present workshops to offer students strategies for dealing with their lives and in the future

Key Stage 4: students watch Boy X, a performance encompassing a range of issues but focussing on gang membership and knife crime

led by the actors, students participate in a workshop exploring the issues highlighted by the performance


Year Group(s)


Group size

Full cohort


Main Hall & various rooms

Time duration

Half a day


Autumn & Spring terms only

Conflict Resolution meets the following element of the QCA framework 5

Key Stage 3:

‘I have learnt the understanding of emotions and how to control them, the consequences and reality of the choices I make in life’

‘Excellent inspirational speeches and involvement’

Year 9 students, Christ’s College Finchley


Key Stage 4:

‘Youth culture is a peak where making the right choice in life is essential’

Year 10 student, St James’ Catholic High School




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