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Skills 4 Employment

Please note that our Skills 4 Employment programme is designed to support young people who are at risk of disaffection/disengagement (NEET) and will provide them with the skills and strategies needed to succeed at interview whilst introducing strategies for avoiding/dealing with conflict in the workplace


Learning Outcomes


Students will develop an awareness of, and/or skills in:

  • describing and demonstrating the main qualities, attitudes & skills needed to enter and thrive in the working world
  • understanding the importance to employers of skills, attitudes and qualifications
  • seeing the benefit of further learning and personal development
  • demonstrating enterprising skills attitudes and qualities


Description of activity
The programme can be put together from the menu of options below (each item has varying associated costs)

expectations of the workplace – employers/employees perspectives

how to complete an application form, construct a CV and write a letter of introduction

using the telephone effectively, awareness of body language, confident hand shaking, appropriate dress code and projecting a positive image

authentic interview and de-brief with a local employer offering a work-based opportunity

dealing with conflict in the work place

a visit to the work place providing a further work-based opportunity





Year Group(s)


Group size

25 maximum


Various classrooms

Time duration

7-12 weeks


All year


Transport requirement for off-site interviews and work-based visits

Skills 4 Employment meets the following elements of the QCA framework 1, 5 & 9


β€˜An outstanding programme! The management of the programme exceeded all expectations. The invited guests were outstanding. How I wish I could run the programme for all Year 10 + 11 students. They all got so much from this.’

Angela Beatty, WRL Co-ordinator, Whitefield School


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